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All colors and surfaces from nature are a true source of inspiration and creative approach to the angle of authentic material in the clothing of products. "Napura" is a solid-colored paper with embossing. illuminates bamboo, canvas, jute and sisal. It is thermo-reactive and suitable for embossing. The product is ideal for boxes, desk items and binding of books.

Napura Walnut as a desktop drawer kit

Ringbind i Napura Kazar

Dress your binder with beautiful Napura Kazar

Book in Napura Khepera with thermo-reactive character

Bøger i Napura Bamboa med termo-reaktivt præg

Bind your books into Napura Bamboo with thermo-reactive text

Notesbog i Napura Sisal

Beautiful and simple notebook bound with Napura Sisal and embossed logo

Æsker i Napura Sisal - Paperworld

Fine boxes packed with natural looks with Napura Sisal