VAN HEEK textiles

Natural finish
The natural finish qualities are distinctive because of the natural look and feel of real fabric. The dye compositions have been prepared with great care. Consequently, the coloring intensifies the structure of the fabric instead of weakening it. High-quality cotton and rayon threads are used for the base cloth.

The coating applied to the fabric provides additional protection and makes the material dirt and water repellent. The remarkably high tensile and folding strength makes these products easy to process. The increased wear resistance makes these qualities particularly suitable for products that are used extensively and intensively. The textile structure under the coating remains clearly visible.

Et bredt udvalg af bogbinderlærreder til mange formål. Bogindbinding, æsker, ringbind, menukort mm. Størstedelen af lærrederne er FSC certificerede.


We know our customers and we perfectly know how important it is to provide high-quality and trendy products. We advise and assist Art Director and Graphic Designers, in perfect synergy with them, in order to choose the best item that better represents their ideas and finally create a unique unrepeatable product, with a strong personality. Our raw materials are cotton, viscose and silky viscose.

Spændende og farvestrålende lærreder oprindelig udviklet til den italienske modeindustri. Føres både med naturlig og coatet finish. De fleste lærreder er FSC certificerede.

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