WIBALIN – Et stærkt og holdbart papir, gennem farvet til indbinding i mange sammenhænge – bogbinding, æsker og omslag.

The Wibalin ® series is suitable even for the most demanding projects and gives packaging, bindings and other products that certain something. The dyed-through paper is available in a wide variety of looks and textures. It is a strong, durable paper covering material. FSC TM certified and REACH compliant.

NAPURA – Et spændende og anderledes papir, gennem farvet og med prægninger som naturlige materialer som bambus, sisal og træ. Velegnet til bogbinding, æsker og anden emballage. FSC TM certificeret og REACH compliant.

The natural inspired surface designs of Napura ® are reminiscent of bamboo, sisal or wood and, thanks to their attractive surface textures, are suitable for packaging and bindings that should leave a lasting impression. The dyed-through, thermos-reactive paper is virtually indistinguishable from the original fiber in terms of appearance and feel, and makes blind embossing stand our particularly well. FSC TM certified and REACH compliant.

PAPUR ® CASCADA – Et spændende papir skabt med dråbe-teknik som giver et helt anderledes udtryk. FSC TM certificeret og REACH compliant. Produceret af 40% PCW (post-consumer waste).

The unique droplet impression creates an organic texture. FSC TM certified paper with 40% PCW (post-consumer waste).

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