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About PaperWorld

A result of personal
commitment and a focus on you

From 1986 to today

Bo Gjetting, who is now the CEO and general manager of PaperWorld, had originally taken early retirement back in 2003. But he soon realized that the desire to help customers, to trade, to negotiate and to create mutually successful business results was pulling him too strongly. And he still feels that way.

So he went in search of a business he could help and develop further. A company in an exciting and meaningful industry - with the potential and enthusiastic drive to go far.

He soon found the company Greenport - and later also Bindon in Gentofte and Bogbinderkælderen on Bornholm. Together, Bo and Pia Gjetting acquired the three companies.

Today, the combined company is known as PaperWorld and is known as a reliable partner in the industry - with a good reputation, high-quality materials on the shelves, reliable delivery security and a robust economy.


Greenport is founded by Jette Mogensen in Det gamle Mejeri in Vegger, North Jutland. Bindon is founded by Steen Vivet in Gentofte.


Greenport is sold to Pia and Bo Gjetting - moves to Charlottenlund - and changes name to PaperWorld


Bogbinderkælderen is taken over from Ole Rasmussen on Bornholm and PaperWorld moves to larger premises in Gentofte.


Bindon is taken over from Steen Vivet, who will remain with PaperWorld until his retirement in 2017.


PaperWorld stops selling to private individuals - liquidates its warehouse - moves to new offices in Hellerup - and continues to operate, but now exclusively with sales to businesses.


The Manifattura del Seveso agency is added to PaperWorld's international portfolio.


Agreement with Gebr. Schabert for the sale of their special "Cradle-to-cradle" certified paper grades.


Distributor for leading suppliers

PaperWorld is today both the Danish and Nordic distributor for several of the world's leading suppliers of creative cover materials. See manufacturers and materials here:


Based on broad and creative experience

Pia Gjetting is the company's creative partner - and she comes from a background as a teacher at Skovshoved School and owner of her own furniture store in Ordrup.

When you contact PaperWorld, you will speak directly with CEO Bo Gjetting. He has previously headed several large companies and organizations - for example as CEO of Q8, Parken and Center for Management.


Competent advice

Bo and Pia's backgrounds and skills will benefit you - and help to ensure that you as a customer at PaperWorld always experience a focused and accommodating approach to your projects. That you are presented with several alternative solutions - and always get professionally useful answers that you can work on.

Expect competent, professional advice every time, whatever your current project.


A range with many possibilities

At PaperWorlds you'll find materials that give you exactly what you need. Whether you need materials for binding, covers for packaging, boxes and binders or a fifth product, you can find it all in the range.


PaperWorld is FSC® certified

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) is based on 10 principles for responsible forest management. These help contribute to 14 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and the green transition. You can read more about FSC® at

The guiding principle

For PaperWorld, it is a guiding principle that we only work with leading suppliers of creative cover materials. And that sustainability and high quality are driving factors for them when developing and introducing new products to the market.

If you also share our view that global resources should be used carefully and with ever-increasing care, our products match your values.

Contact us today to discuss your company's needs and requirements for cover materials.