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News from Winter & Company - Welcome to Ecorel® Pure

Winter & Company

41 colors, 5 embossings, recyclable and coated paper

Winter & Company has recently unveiled their latest series under the Ecorel® line, called Pure. Ecorel® Pure is created from recycled materials, making the product completely recyclable after use. The range includes a large palette of 41 vibrant colors and five different embossings that are perfect for complementing your creative vision and project. With Pure, Winter & Company breaks boundaries and invites you to explore unlimited creative possibilities with recyclable materials.

The basis of Ecorel® Pure consists of paper made from over 50% recycled fiber derived from post-consumer paper waste, commonly referred to as "post-consumer wastepaper" or PCW. Remarkably, the use of latex is eliminated, making the product fully recyclable. The result is a lightweight and highly durable coating that uses a water-based solution, free from environmentally harmful substances.

Credit: Winter & Company

What is Winter Wrup-Cycling?

Winter & Company uses the term "Winter Wrup-Cycling" to refer to products in their portfolio where they systematically reduce the consumption of new resources. Through this approach, they create high-quality wrapping materials from waste that would normally be discarded, thus reducing environmental damage.

What began as a recycling initiative in the 1990s for tannery waste has since grown into a wide range of different recycled materials that together shape the future of the industry. Today, the portfolio contains more than 180 sustainable wrapping materials, all with the aim of minimizing the global impact of our industry.

Ecorel® Pure Discs

Ecorel® Pure Slices introduces a sustainable interpretation of the timeless look and feel of leather. This smooth and glossy coated paper carefully recreates the texture of split leather, making it an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

What sets Ecorel® Pure Discs apart is its environmentally conscious composition. The base paper contains over 50% recycled fibers (PCW), significantly reducing the need for virgin resources. Remarkably, latex, PVC and other environmentally harmful substances are completely eliminated in production, ensuring a green and responsible approach.

The lightweight but incredibly durable coating - complemented by the use of water-based colors - not only guarantees excellent quality, but also makes the entire product 100% recyclable and incredibly durable.

Visually, Ecorel® Pure Slices authentically recreates the delicate pattern of sheep, lamb or goatskin, delivering a quality-rich tactile and visual experience. It leaves an indelible and lasting impression in every sense, elevating book covers, luxury packaging, stationery, hang tags and labels to an unprecedented level of elegance.

In addition, Ecorel® Pure Discs are available in a palette of 8 vibrant colors, all of which are FSC®™ certified and REACH compliant, further emphasizing its environmental credentials.

Choose Ecorel® Pure Discs for your next creative project - order a free color sample here:

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Credit: Winter & Company

Ecorel® Pure Levant

Pure Levant is a heavily embossed, coated paper that mimics robust leather like Ecorel® Pure Discs. Pure Levant is also associated with the base paper of the Ecorel® Pure series, which is made from over 50% recycled fiber (PCW) and is latex-free.

The main difference between Ecorel® Pure Levant and Skiver is the coatings used in the Levant products. Levant creates a rougher feel and a more rustic appearance and style compared to Pure Skiver.

It is available in 7 deep colors and is ideal as a cover material for bookbinding, exclusive packaging, office supplies, shopping bags, hang tags and labels.

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Credit: Winter & Company

Ecorel® Pure Morocco

Pure Morocco presents itself as a finely textured, slightly shiny paper that simulates the luxurious feel and aesthetics of quality leather. The outcome is incredibly impressive and presents an exceptional quality.

Within the Ecorel® Pure range, Pure Morocco has the same base material, with over 50% recycled fiber (PCW). The colors used are water-based, making the material lightweight but remarkably durable and fully recyclable.

In its visual expression, Ecorel® Pure Morocco conveys the impression of sophisticated leather with a fine grain structure reminiscent of Moroccan craftsmanship. This leaves an indelible mark on everything from book covers to exclusive packaging, stationery, hang tags and labels. With its FSC®™ certification and compliance with REACH regulations, Pure Morocco ensures a high level of dedication to environmental friendliness.

Ecorel® Pure Morocco introduces a stylish color range of 7 unique shades, offering a wide range of choices for your creative endeavors.

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Credit: Winter & Company

Ecorel® Pure Chevo

Step into the future world of sustainable materials with Ecorel® Pure Chevo. This is a smooth paper with a slight sheen that convincingly recreates the texture of goatskin. But it's not just its resemblance to real leather that makes it special - it's also its green composition.

The base paper in Ecorel® Pure Chevo is derived from over 50% recycled fibers (PCW). This underlines the commitment to protecting the environment. The lightweight yet robust coating and water-based inks ensure that the product is 100% recyclable.

Visually and to the touch, Ecorel® Pure Chevo captures the elegance of goatskin. With its fine grain structure, it leaves a memorable impression on everything from book covers to luxury packaging and labels. It's a product that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible. It is FSC®™ certified and complies with REACH standards - just like all other products in the Pure range.

Ecorel® Pure Chevo is particularly praised for its versatility, especially for screen printing, and for its suitability for finishes such as blind embossing or foil printing.

Choose from 13 earthy and dynamic colors available at PaperWorld. Order a free sample of Pure Chevo now and let it inspire your next project.

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Credit: Winter & Company

Ecorel® Pure Fiba

Ecorel® Pure Fibra is a slightly shiny, coated paper that beautifully mimics a natural woven textile texture. This innovative product is not only visually appealing; it represents a deep commitment to environmental friendliness, while being easy and convenient to use as a cover stock for your next creative project - whether it's for book covers, luxury packaging, stationery, hang tags or labels.

Choose from a palette of 7 natural colors.

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Credit: Winter & Company

November 9, 2023