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Presenting: Winter & Company's Product Configurator

Winter & Company

Experience a revolution in product presentation with Winter & Company's online product configurator!

Want a visual insight into what a creative cover material would look like as a book cover, display, bag or luxury packaging before you commit to it?

Imagine being able to explore different materials with just a few clicks, all in photo-realistic quality. That's exactly what Winter & Company's new Online Product Configurator offers.

Winter & Company has always been a pioneer in innovative solutions for paper, cover materials and packaging. Their latest initiative, the Online Product Configurator, is a great tool for creating and exploring opportunities in an industry where the visual aspect is crucial.

What makes the configurator so unique?

Using advanced technology, it presents Winter & Company's wide range of creative cover materials in a way that gives the user a true insight into their appearance. Within seconds of selecting your desired product, you are presented with a realistic visualization of it.

How does it work?

The process is as simple as it is smart. Start with the type of product you want materials for. Then choose which collection of material you want. Finally, choose the color of your desired material and the product is visually presented to you. The materials can of course be ordered from PaperWorld.

A world of possibilities opens up

Whether you're a designer looking for inspiration for your next project or a brand looking to ensure your packaging reflects your style and identity, this configurator gives you the tools you need to make informed decisions.

Try the Product Configurator here

May 8, 2024